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Former Police Officer has shed eight-stone!

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A FORMER Lincolnshire police officer has transformed his life, shedding more than eight‐stone, in memory of his late wife.

People who knew Nev Roberts four years ago would simply not recognise the health‐conscious, keep fit enthusiast that they would see now.

For Nev, 61, it was the death of his first wife Charie that was the real turning point in his life – kick‐ starting his determination to do something.

Prior to the sad event, the couple had been junk‐food fans and Nev admits it was an unhealthy lifestyle and diet.

Speaking on one of his regular visits to Mablethorpe’s Station Sports Centre, Nev, explained how Charie had developed Type 2 diabetes and it emerged their lifestyle choices had most likely been a factor in her illness. Nev, who weighed in at 21‐stone at the time, knew something had to change.

“It has not always been easy, and I remember going on the treadmill and just wanting to pack it all in, but I kept going as I did not want to revert back. I thought about what my late wife went through and knew if I did not do something I was at risk too,” he said.

With the help and support from the friendly team at Magna Vitae’s Station centre, Nev continued his mission – with assistance from Slimming World too. And now he is keeping it up – visiting the venue at least three times a week, eating healthy food and running.

Now remarried to Elizabeth, his life is certainly back on track.

“You have to really want to do it, but now I would never, ever go back – I feel great,” said Nev.

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