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Last week, our team at Meridian Leisure Centre had the pleasure of welcoming three enthusiastic students from King Edward VI Grammar School: Olivia, Callum, and Radlea.

These bright young individuals joined us for a week of work experience, eager to gain hands-on knowledge and insights into our industry. Their presence sparked a fresh wave of energy and curiosity within our workplace and we all enjoyed guiding them through a series of engaging and educational activities – designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of our daily operations.

During their time with us, they worked closely with our Marketing Team and Content Creator, and crafted a blog in the third person detailing their experiences. You can read snippets from their blogs below!

So, we now hand over to them…


During their time at Magna Vitae the students shadowed a range of different members of staff to experience the tasks our staff have to face in their roles on the daily. They covered many areas of work here, testing their ability to complete tasks in different fields of work, that they may not feel confident in.

Callum commented,

“The staff at Magna Vitae have made my work experience here very exciting and have made me feel at home from the very first minute. I have been able to work in a professional environment while also balancing having a laugh and a bit of fun.”

Research shows that around 75% of work experience participants have said it provides them with “new skills” and “increases their confidence”.

While working at Magna Vitae, we have helped to provide them with new skills which can help lead them to a job in the future within the industry.


They went from being on poolside, to Marketing, cleaning and helping the Sports & Physical Activity Development team. No matter what task they were put with, they did as they were told with a smile on their faces.

One of the students, Olivia, said,

“All the staff are extremely pleasant and honest. No matter how many questions I had to ask, they answered to the best of their ability. They’ve helped me learn new skills and improve on others such as communication. They have brought new areas of work I never thought I’d go into or even think about. It has opened my eyes to what is out there.”

Work experience is exceedingly important to young people because roughly 50% of students actually benefit from their placement in relevant fields. It’s one of the most salient ways to improve confidence and learn the ways of the working world. It helps develop transferable skills that can be used in all industries.


They have carried out jobs such as lifeguarding, working behind reception, cleaning toilets – which isn’t favourable but something everyone has to do! They also learned the behind the scenes of our Marketing and funding for clubs and sports activities.

Radlea told us,

“The staff have been very welcoming and seemed genuinely interested in my hobbies and goals for the future. They have definitely gone out of their way to help me. It is different to what I expected but interesting and I have learned a range of different things behind the scenes which I wouldn’t have known until work experience.”

Radlea is hoping to get into the Sport industry in the future and hopefully his time here will help him with his decision.

If you want to see what is available at our facilities or would like to potentially do work experience here to discover what industry you would like to do, you can email us a

We hope you enjoyed reading their blogs and learning about their experiences. A huge well done to them for their incredible participation. Radlea is now hoping to join our Sports Activity team next summer. Callum is hopeful to participate in our future NPLQ course once he turns 16. Olivia, who initially had no idea what career path to take, now feels her eyes have been opened to the various opportunities available to her in the future.

At Magna Vitae, we are here for you and here for our community.

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