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COVID 19 – Customer Update

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Magna Vitae Customer Update

Finally, we are getting closer to opening our doors and welcoming our customers back…we cannot wait to see you all again!!

We are increasingly hopeful that our leisure centre venues will be open from early July, but as you will appreciate the final timetable is being driven by the advice of the Chief Medical Officer and the Government. We have also been working incredibly hard with various leisure industry colleagues and organisations to develop safe, but customer friendly, systems of operation.

Our reopening plans for leisure venues will focus on ensuring that we have safe, hygienic facilities providing you with confidence and plenty of space for your chosen exercise.

This update provides a taste of the new operational, safety measures likely to be in place upon our venues re-opening. Please note that there could still be some changes!! We still have time on our side and we will continue to provide you with as much regular update information as possible.

Be sure to watch out for our short operational videos, over the next week, which will hopefully help inform and prepare you before you return.

Practical Operational arrangements

Initially, regretfully our swimming pools will remain closed. We will need to reopen in an organised, phased manner with our fitness suites and where feasible group exercise classes being the first activities offered.

·         Our venues opening hours may have changed, so please check our social media platforms and website for this information as we get closer to reopening.

·         Upon returning you will need to pre-book a fitness suite session and/or group exercise class through our online portal. You will receive a confirmation email each time a session is booked.

·         Advance booking is reduced to three days for members. Booking sessions will be essential. Further details on how this works will be released soon.

·         To ensure we offer a fair allocation, we will be limiting the sessions to one hour slots. The one hour slot will allow for safe arrival, movement throughout the venues and leaving at the end of the session.

·         You will only be allowed to book one fitness suite session OR group exercise class per day. This means you are not allowed move from one activity to another within the venues on the same day.

·         We will organise customer flow in activity areas to ensure 2 metre social distancing and to ensure that you can have an allocated session.

·         A one-way system of travel will be in operation at all venues, helpful, directional signage will be in place.

·         A cashless payment system will be in operation. We will only be able to take contactless card payments through a protective screen at Reception.

·         You will need to turn up on time (but not early!). You may need to queue before entry, social distancing will be applied at all times.

·         Your Magna Vitae card will still be required to register your visit and gain entry.

·         Gym equipment will be spaced out and at some of our venues in different areas. This will be used to give everybody more space (e.g. sports hall used as dedicated fitness space).

·         Where outside facilities exist at the venues, some of our exercise classes may be held outside in the fresh air, if the weather allows.

·         All customers will need to be respectful of other users right to social distancing at all times.

·         Toilets will be available throughout the venues. However, changing rooms, lockers, vending machines, hand driers and hair driers will not be available.

·         Arrive ready for your activity.

·         You will need to bring your own water bottle provision for hydration purposes. Leisure venue water fountains will not be operational in the fitness facilities.

Cleanliness and Hygiene arrangements

Magna Vitae has established high standards of building cleanliness and quality at all venues. Nevertheless, we will be increasing our cleaning regime and will provide all staff with updated training on the continued importance of venue cleanliness, disinfection and sanitisation protocols prior to reopening.

·         We will have an enhanced cleaning regime.

·         We have reviewed the disinfecting and sanitising materials we use to ensure that they are both anti-bacterial and anti-viral agents.

·         Staff will be visibly employed to routinely disinfect and sanitise specific contact/touch points throughout daily operation.

·         There will be numerous sanitising cleaning stations prominently placed throughout our venues. We ask you to use it both before and after each exercise. This will include the wiping down of exercise mats, weight plates, dumbbells and barbells.

·         Hand sanitiser gel will be made readily available which you should regularly use, especially before you touch any equipment.

·         You are requested not to use personal towels.

·         Our operational staff will be social distancing at all times.

Please continue to keep an eye out for further operational updates in the following days and weeks.

Membership payments

·         We automatically froze all membership and direct debit payments so that you did not have to pay whilst our leisure venues have been closed.

·         Fitness memberships will be extended by the number of months (days) the venues have been closed.

·         When we have a fixed date for your centre re-opening, we will provide you with notice as to when your monthly payments will restart, you will be then able to book your activity as soon the three day ‘booking window’ opens.

·         PLEASE NOTE…If you are not ready to restart your membership yet then there is no need to cancel we will be extending the option to continue to keep your membership frozen until you are ready to return.

·         We will aim to keep our members updated via email once reopening dates are confirmed.

·         We will be starting to check that we have all of our members current contact details, this is so important at this time. If your details have changed please let us know we want to keep you up to date. To do this email

These last 12 weeks have been so incredibly difficult for all of us. As a community charity we sincerely hope that you, your families and friends are staying safe and well at this time. We are extremely grateful to those of you who have taken a moment to share messages of support and keep in touch with us.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued patience and support.

Whilst we remain closed please continue to stay active, our virtual offer provided by TV.FIT is now available until the end of September and remains a free service, also look up our Facebook live workouts and give them a try, there is even a back catalogue now so you can do these at any time!

In the meantime, stay safe, stay alert and we hope to see you again really, really soon. We are so looking forward to helping you resume your living of a great life!

See you all soon!

Keep active and stay safe.

Thank you

#stayalert #controlthevirus #savelives

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