Dementia Friendly Swimming

dementia friendly swimming poster

Dementia Friendly Swimming now runs at Meridian Leisure Centre every Monday.

This project is delivered in conjunction with our Still Me project and is supported by Alzheimer’s society.

These swimming sessions aim to help people living with dementia to stay active and live a great life!

Staff at Meridian Leisure Centre have completed dementia awareness training. This has given them the knowledge and skills to provide a supportive environment where people with dementia can enjoy a weekly swim.

Join us for Dementia Friendly Swimming at.

Meridian Leisure Centre
Mondays 12-1pm
£3.40 each,  carers free of charge.

Still Me helps residents who are living with Dementia and other life-changing conditions to live a fulfilling life through gentle exercise, singing, crafts, dancing and other activities.

dementia friendly swimming launch