Learn to Swim Framework Groups (4 years+)

Waterwise Swimming Lessons (Learn to Swim Framework Groups)

Waterwise Swimming Lessons (Learn to Swim Framework Groups).

Children will have fun, make friends and feel comfortable building their confidence in the water during these lessons.

Whether it’s their first time in the pool or they’re already working up through the stages 1-7 of the Swim England Learn to Swim Framework, you can watch as they turn into experienced swimmers.

Our teachers help develop children’s coordination, agility and balance and core aquatic skills like streamlining, aquatic breathing and buoyancy. Your child will earn badges and certificates as they pass through the different stages.

  • Stage 1 & 2 is to develop water confidence.
  • Stage 3 is to travel through water on the front and back.
  • Stage 4-7 is to develop the 4 strokes (breast stroke, front crawl, back stroke & butterfly), starting with the leg kick, mastering the arm action and finishing with the breathing and timing. Your child will develop skills which will enable them to progress to competitive swimming, synchronised swimming, waterpolo, diving, and lifesaving.


Please see the table below details on swimming lesson pricing.