Info for parents

There are a number of ways that you can help us to help your child progress in their swimming lessons.

  • Prepare your child for their first swimming lesson by building some initial water confidence.
  • Go swimming as a family in your spare time.
  • Read and understand the pool rules.
  • Check the lesson details to make sure your child goes in the right class.
  • Praise and support your child. You should celebrate landmarks like jumping in, swimming 5 metres and swimming on their back with them.
  • Be patient, not all swimmers develop at the same rate and some will need more support and encouragement. Praise your child even more when they overcome a hurdle!
  • Give constructive feedback to your swimming teachers as this will help them improve their programme.
  • Don’t assume that if your child has swum a distance in their swimming lesson they can swim the same distance everywhere. New pools, changes in water temperature and open water like the seaside may affect your child’s confidence and abilities.
  • Don’t pull your child out of swimming lessons when they start swimming lessons at school. School swimming presents your child with an additional opportunity to learn new skills in a different approach. School swimming is run by the National Curriculum and is different to the Swim England Frameworks.
  • Don’t criticise the swimming teacher in front of your child. It is important that swimmers have respect for their teachers if they are to learn from them.