Born to Move

Born to Move are Les Mills Virtual classes targeting children aged from 6-16 years of age. The ages are broken down to allow age specific content and to cater for different ages for set intensity and durations of classes.

The content in early years will be based around play and fun and progresses to be more fitness based by the time children are 13-16 years old.

Sessions start as small as 7 minutes for the younger age groups and work all the way up to 45 minutes for the 13-16 years age group.

The virtual classes are based around dance, yoga, martial arts and sports conditioning.

Sessions are at Meridian Leisure Centre in Louth on:

4-4.30pm 6-7 year olds
4.30-5.15pm 8-12 year olds 

4-4.30pm 6-7 year olds
4.30-5.15pm 8-12 years 

1pm-1.30pm 6-7year olds
1.45-2.15pm 8-12 year olds
2.20-3pm 13-16 year olds

Telephone 01507 607650 to book now!