Still Me (Dementia & life-altering conditions)

The Still Me Dementia support project is delivered by our Magna Vitae Community Team and funded by Louth and District Hospice Limited. We aim to significantly improve the experiences of people affected by Dementia and other life-altering conditions.

The Still Me sessions, which have been enjoyed by over 350 individuals, have been running since November 2016. Activities include swimming, craft, new age kurling, cooking and singing.

The Team

Tracey is the Lifestyle and Partnerships lead for Manga Vitae and manages the ‘Still Me’ project. Tracey has delivered and co-ordinated health improvement programmes for over 9 years. Her interests are in nutrition, exercise and wellbeing and she is motivated by empowering people who would otherwise not be active. Tracey believes being healthy involves being physically and mentally fit.



Erica graduated Staffordshire University with a BA (Hons) Degree in Sports Development and Coaching and worked for Stoke City as part of their community trust. Erica has facilitated on Still Me since it started and specialises in delivering accessible sport for all our participants. Erica says ‘Seeing positive outcomes that can be reached by working closely with my colleagues and the community is very rewarding’.





Lizzie graduated from the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts with a BA (Hons) degree in Community Drama. Lizzie has experience working in an array of community settings including prisons, schools and care homes. Like Erica, Lizzie has also facilitated on Still Me since it started, she specialises in delivering cultural activities and events (and making tea) for the participants of the project.



Marko studied Food Technology at university then worked in food chemical and micro labs. He became interested in the benefits of nutrition and how food can help people live better. Marko worked for Food for Life with East Lindsey District Council before starting this role as Nutrition Consultant at Magna Vitae. Marko delivers cooking and food nostalgia sessions on the Still Me project.



Could Still Me help you?

Would you or someone you know benefit from support to take part in gentle exercise, dance, singing sessions, health walks, swimming and other social activities to improve quality of life?

Join us for fun, social exercise sessions and get active! Please see below for our regular sessions.

Our Highlights 

‘Mirth and Me’ in partnership with Big Difference Company.

‘Mirth and me’ was a two week travelling project delivering light-hearted interactive comedy sessions which  offered a fun way to bring back memories and engage with people affected by Dementia.



The Big Game (Dementia Friendly Sports Days)

The Big Game 2017 had 49 participants take part
The Big Game 2018 had 62 participants take part
The Big Game 2019 had 74 participants take part!

The Big Game is our annual Dementia friendly sports day. The sports day includes: New Aged Kurling, Welly Wanging, Foam Javelin and Egg & Spoon races, trophies, medals, certificates and PRIZES for all including Best Dressed, Top Teammate & Selective Hearing Award. The event is a chance to get to know the Still Me team, meet representatives from local dementia support services and have loads of fun!


Tea Dance

In both 2017 and 2018 we held a Tea Dance for participants of our project to enjoy. Our Tea dances’ included lots of food, dancing and laughing!

Still Me is Two!

In November 2018 we held a birthday party to celebrate our project being two! The party, held at Alford Manor House included an afternoon tea and a band to dance away to.


David’s Story

As professional David Hampton travelled the world as an electromechanical engineer for world-leading companies. Long hours of travelling and the stress that David admits he put himself under at times may well have contributed to health issues in later life and the onset of vascular dementia, with which he is now living.

David, now 76 recalls a particular incident, during one of many long waits at airports around the globe.

“I was sitting in a large airport and had the sudden realisation that I did not have a clue what was going on around me. I was told by medical professionals afterwards that I had probably suffered one of a number of mini-strokes at that time, but of course I was not aware of that,” remembered David.

While strokes are not the only cause of vascular dementia, its onset is certainly linked and that is what happened to David, with a diagnosis made around two years ago. Married to Shirley-Ann and living in Skegness, David faced a new battle with his health. But, with the support of others, it is a battle he knows he is coming to terms with.

“When your life changes you must realise that you are now living a different life and people around you have to realise what is going on and the help you now need,” said David.

David is one of a whole host of people with life-limiting illness, along with friends and carers, who have joined special Still Me sessions in East Lindsey.

What our participants say. 

“Thanks for sticking with me today. You’ve brought me out of myself, I haven’t laughed so much in a long time”


“(When asked what Still Me means to you) That I am still fine”


“This session has been a breath of fresh air, I’ve laughed more in the past two sessions than I have in two years”


” I cannot believe it’s been two years. These sessions have helped me loads, such as how to handle things. When I got diagnosed with Alzheimers I felt embarrassed when I couldn’t string a sentence together. These sessions make me feel comfortable talking because everyone is in the same boat. Thank you girls, you do a fantastic job. I can’t thank you enough”


” It’s given me my life back. It means life is good again”


“We can be ourselves and have fun with the nice people from Magna Vitae who organise lots of good activities for us all”


“(When asked what Still Me means to you) That I am still Carol and I can still enjoy everything they organise”


For more information on our Still Me project please contact 

Lizzie Atkin

01507 681811 / 07500020193