Nutrition 1 to 1 Consultation for Exercise

The nutrition 1 to 1 consultation for exercise is a specialist tailored advice to help you feed your body the nutrients it needs to perform. This could be to fuel a new exercise programme or training to prepare for an event such as a marathon. The consultation will last about an hour and during this period Marko will find out what your goals are so that he can begin to put a plan together so your training can fit alongside a nutrition plan.

Are you giving the same attention to your nutrition as you are to your exercise programme? It is easy to forget that getting the nutrition right can be a big factor in achieving your goals. Nutrition is important to fuel training, recovery and of course the event itself.

Maximise your chances for success with 1-2-1 nutrition advice from Marko Humphrey!

Take advantage of Marko’s decades of experience in helping people to optimise their diets to meet their bodies needs.


nutrition for exercise

No matter what your situation or challenges, these sessions are tailored to provide the answers you need:

• Weight loss
• Training for competition
• Improve overall health
• Gain muscle mass & strength
• Learn about supplements

Find out more about these area’s with the Public Health England, One You website.



Advice is available as a free 15 minute session, or a full 90 minute consultation with free follow-up sessions as required (just £20 to members or £25 for non-members).

Please contact Marko on or call 01507 681826 / 07767 664 186 to discuss your needs.