Nutrition Drop-ins

Nutrition Drop-ins are opportunities to obtain 1 to 1 advice and guidance to help you with your health goals. On a regular basis Marko visits each of the leisure centre sites and gives a 2 hour window where members can book a free 15 minute slot for nutrition advice.

This can be about anything whether it is to manage a health condition such as diabetes, digestive issues, low energy, mental health issues, arthritis, or in the recovery of conditions like a heart attack, stroke etc. It might also be for advice as you are thinking of completing an endurance challenge and are not too sure how to fuel this.

It can be difficult knowing what, and how much, food you need to eat to manage these varying conditions especially with lots of conflicting advice which we often hear.

That’s why Magna Vitae’s nutrition consultant, Marko Humphrey, runs regular drop-in sessions and consultations. These will put healthy, balanced choices within reach no matter what your circumstances or ambitions.

Marko uses the One You (Public Health England) apps, why don’t you try them too?

nutrition advice


Marko will be running some drop-in sessions throughout February/March 2020 in the following venues:

Meridian Leisure Centre

Thursday 6th February 10am-12pm

Station Sports Centre

Wednesday 26th February 11am-1pm

Horncastle Pool & Fitness Suite

Skegness Pool & Fitness Suite