Nutrition for Health 1:1

When faced with a health challenge, few can deny the power of nutrition in helping to ease the strain on your body.

Would you benefit from specialist 1-2-1 nutrition advice to help manage your condition?

The Nutrition for Health 1:1 sessions last approximately an hour. During this time Marko will gather information from you about your health issue, lifestyle and food intake. He will then feed back to you with practical steps of what could be done, he will write things down for you and provide hand-outs where appropriate. After a period of about 6 weeks he will re-contact you and arrange a shorted follow-up session (which is free) to find out what has changed and what hasn’t and further practical steps that can be taken.

Between consultations you are free to contact Marko if you have any questions or need any further advice.

Marko Humphrey has lots of experience in guiding people to optimise their diets to meet their individual needs, no matter what challenge you are facing. This might include things such as:

• diabetes
• depressions
• digestive conditions
• skin problems
• asthma
• allergies
• osteoporosis
• menopause
• prostate issues
• gout
• mild hypothyroid
• angina
& many more!

Drop-in and discuss your needs

We run regular drop-in sessions and consultations. To find out more please contact Marko on or call 01507 681826 / 07767 664 186 to discuss your needs


nutrition for health

Find out more about these area’s with the Public Health England, One You website.


Advice is available as a free 15 minute session (see dates and times on drop-in page), or a full 90 minute consultation with free follow-up sessions as required (just £20 to members or £25 for non-members).

Please contact Marko on or call 01507 681826 / 07767 664 186 to discuss your needs.

Food & mood

Many people are finding that changing what they eat brings about a remarkable reduction in the symptoms of PMS, fewer food cravings, lower levels of anxiety and depression and improvements in mood swings.

“I have always felt that my relationship with food has been one where food had the ‘upper hand’. This has shifted and my attitude to food is much more controlled – just as a result of having more understanding about what suits me.” Previous food and mood participant

• Clear guidelines for changing what you eat to improve the way you feel
• Explanations for some of the effects of food on mood
• Quick and easy good mood recipes